Order of the One Sith
The Sith Authority

Skilled administrators and workers are no less important than the One Sith's military might. Those who wish to serve the Order in a non-violent manner can do so by becoming builders, engineers, architects, repairers, prospectors, miners, and production specialists. Those who show exceptional dedication and competence have the unique chance to become planetary governors. The Order of the One Sith offers the ultimate training program for every aspect of our industry and infrastructure operations. Candidates learn how to build structures on planets as well as how to assemble various installations in space. Those interested in mining operations will learn how to prospect and extract raw materials on solid ground and within asteroid fields in space. Trainees interested in producing will be taught everything about building ships, vehicles, droids, as well as other goods (weapons, armors). Those deemed worthy will be nurtured to server as the ruling body of the Oder's planet, learning the fine arts of management and diplomacy. Each member is expected to contribute in whichever way the Order has a need for.

The One Sith Administration Authority directly oversees the Order's nationalized factions, the One Sith Industrial Services and the One Sith Excavation Services.

High Vizier Xyre Weltmon currently oversees the One Sith Administration Authority. Executor Kuuda Ki leads all industrial and infrastructural operations.

Rank Name Rank Image Monthly Payment
High Vizier Classified
Executor 17 Million
Magistrate 16 Million
Governor 15 Million
Director 14 Million
Supervisor 13 Million
Manager 12 Million
Clerk 11 Million
Operator 10 Million
Engineer 9 Million
Technician 8 Million
Trainee 7 Million