Order of the One Sith
Bando Gora Diplomacy

NEUTRAL - This is the default stance that the One Sith adopts toward most factions in the galaxy. Unless otherwise stated in this page, any faction and all individuals are considered neutral.

ASSOCIATE - Any faction directly controlled by the One Sith, and any individual that closely works with the Order, in whichever capacity, are listed as associates.

ALLY - An alliance entails a mutual, peaceful and beneficial cooperation between two factions. An alliance between the One Sith and another political entity might include limited or full military support, reciprocal acceptance of culture and beliefs, exchange of technology, trading agreements, and more.

NON AGGRESSION PACT - A NAP (Non Aggression Pact) implies that two factions shan't take potentially damaging actions against one another, such as military actions, searching for new planetary systems within sovereign space, or engaging in building operations within sovereign space. Any faction that wishes to sign a NAP with the One Sith is expected to discuss terms with the Dark Lord himself, or one of his designated negotiators.

TRADE PARTNERS - A trade partner is any faction or private individual that has agreed to a beneficial exchange of raw materials and various products with the One Sith.

TRADE BLACKLIST - Political entities or individuals within the trade blacklist are barred from trading with the One Sith and all its members. Members of the One Sith shan't conduct any trading with entities or individuals under such trade embargo.

ENEMY - Political entities and individuals marked as enemies are seen by the One Sith as unwanted scum that the galaxy should be ridden of as soon as possible. Trade with any such factions or individuals is strictly prohibited.


Name Added On
One Sith Excavation Services Y 21, D 22
One Sith Industrial Services Y 21, D 109
MandaPharma Y 20, D 143


Name Treaty Signed On
The Krath Y 20, D 311
Jawa OffWorld Enterprises (JOE) Y 21, D 147


Name Treaty Signed On
Tion Hegemony Y 20, D 337


Name Added On
Sith Imperium Y 20, D 143
The Jedi Order Y 20, D 143