Order of the One Sith
Services Offered by the One Sith

The Order of the One Sith currently offers beautifully customized hunting sets for the discerning customers seeking the thrill of adventure. Each set includes twelve (12) of the following items: Combat Armor, Tactical Helmet, Bowcaster, TB-1a, Vibroblade, Riot Shield, Restraining Bolts (44), Large Backpack, Belt. Each set retails for a mere (7) million. The sets comes in two colors: blue and red. Contact Kuuda Ki to check availability and purchase one of our our hunting sets. PLEASE NOTE: All the images displayed below are protected by an invisible watermark. Do not steal. Currently accepting preorders only.

Item Name Item Image (click to see larger version)
Battle Armor
Tactical Helmet
Riot Shield
Restraining Bolts
Large Backpack